4Privacy CEO’s Quest for Preventative Wellness

Suppose I said that you had a hidden health risk that could potentially be life-threatening, yet it’s something you can address and likely resolve right now.

Would you act now or ignore it?

If you’d act now, would you undergo an hour-long, costly MRI scan to detect potential health risks?

Earlier this month, in an act of preventive healthcare, my wife and I got Prenuvo full body scans with two objectives in mind:

  1. To detect any existing conditions – such as cancer or other diseases – in their early stages.
  2. To set a reference point, which we could use for annual comparisons as we intend to continue with these scans every year.

Fortunately, both our scans returned with only a couple very minor items that we needed to follow up on, indicating we are in good health. Prenuvo provided us with a detailed physician’s report in PDF format, explaining their findings along with truly remarkable scans of our spines, brains, organs, and more. I was astounded by the sheer volume of data they gathered, processed, and then delivered to us.

Naturally, the question arises, where should we store all this information?

You’ve probably figured it out – 4Privacy is the ideal location for us to securely store our scans. We’ve already shared our reports with our general practitioners and other medical professionals. With the power of AI in the future, this data could be invaluable in preemptively identifying health issues, or enabling early detection to swiftly address and eradicate any health problems as they emerge.

Moreover, as the 4Privacy app advances to integrate AI capabilities, it will be able to utilize some of this health data to aid us in leading healthier lives, while ensuring that our data remains entirely private and under our control.

Here’s to living a healthy life!

AJ with 4Privacy