How is 4Privacy different than…

Dropbox (and other public cloud services)

Both Dropbox and the 4Privacy app offer storage and organization of digital data, but there are key differences between the two platforms. 4Privacy is specifically designed for the secure storage, organization, and access of sensitive personal information, while Dropbox is a general file-sharing and storage platform.

While Dropbox offers encryption for data stored on their servers, it is not end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, because Dropbox has the encryption key, they can view and use your data, if they choose.

In contrast, 4Privacy is designed with privacy and security as a top priority. All data stored in the 4Privacy app is end-to-end encrypted. By encrypting your data before it is uploaded to the cloud with keys that are known only to you, 4Privacy ensures that only you and shared recipients can ever access your data. With 4Privacy, YOU own the encryption key.

By using a privacy-focused solution like 4Privacy, you can have greater confidence that you always have the information you need and your data is being kept private and secure. 

Password Manager

Password managers and the 4Privacy app can complement each other very well. Password managers are designed specifically for securely creating, storing and managing passwords, while the 4Privacy app is designed for securely storing, managing, and sharing files and notes.

While some password managers may offer limited file storage capabilities, they don’t offer the same level of organization, flexibility, and sharing options as the 4Privacy app. By using both a password manager and the 4Privacy app together, you can have a comprehensive and secure solution for managing all of your sensitive information.

You can use a password manager to securely manage your passwords and other login credentials, while using the 4Privacy app to store other sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and important documents. 

PS – 4Privacy is a great place to store your master password for your password manager!


4Privacy is built on a foundation for data privacy and security. The app is end-to-end encrypted and YOU are the only person to hold the encryption key, which means no one else can see your data (unless you share it with them). Every file, photo or note you put into the app is automatically end-to-end encrypted, without you having to do a thing! 4Privacy’s customers do not use usernames and passwords. Instead, your physical phone and a pin or biometric grants you access. This eliminates someone across the room, or the world, from getting into your account.  With 4Privacy, you can effortlessly organize your life’s important information using a user-friendly structure.