One place for your life’s crucial info

4Privacy ensures your family has what they need, saves time & money, and enhances overall well-being.

Common Problems

1.5 billion households struggle to manage their essential information.


Common Problems

People’s info is dispersedclunky to access, and difficult to share.


Common Problems

When important info is unorganized, it can be a big headache or a huge problem.


One place

One safe place for everything that matters

4Privacy saves time and ensures you don’t get caught in a pinch searching for vital information when you need it. ID cards, social security numbers, passwords, property info, and other important documents and information are right at your fingertips.


Easy to organize

All your important info, thoughtfully organized

Our easy-to-follow structure gets everything organized to ensure you can quickly access what you need, when you need it. You can easily customize the structure to suit your needs.


Share with control

Share confidently with the right people

Safely share with family and others. You control permissions and can monitor activity. Whether you’re sharing info to be viewed in-app or via web browser, 4Privacy’s security travels with your data and you can revoke access any time, leaving no trace behind.


Privacy & security

Completely private and secure

4Privacy is built on a foundation of security and privacy. Your data is end-to-end encrypted and you hold the keys. This means your information is private, even from us. Proprietary password-free technology protects against hacks, leaks, and unauthorized access.


Our technology

A foundation of privacy and security

Our top priority is to provide you with a safe place to confidently store and share your most valuable information.


End-to-end encrypted

Prevents any unauthorized third party from accessing your data.


Completely private

Your info can’t be viewed, sold or given away. You hold your encryption keys.



Identity is verified without a password, significantly reducing phishing attacks.


Access control

You decide who can see your data. Revoke access anytime, leaving no trace behind.



Add watermarks to discourage screenshots (and more permissions coming soon!)


Decentralized (coming soon)

Ensuring you always have access to your data, now and in the future.



Privacy is a problem.
We’re building technology to help solve it.

Our mission is to empower people to organize, protect, and control life’s most important information.

Customer feedback

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This is so easy to use. Having all our financial documents, medical records, estate plan, and insurance paperwork in one app is amazing.

Bill, SaaS CEO

I’m so happy to have a better and safer way to share documents that have my social security number and other private info.

Christina, Engineering Lead

This is much better for documents and sharing than my password manager.

Nate, Creative Director
you may be wondering…

4Privacy is intended for anyone who wishes to consolidate their essential information in one location that is simple to access and share (you can even share with people who don’t have the 4Privacy app). For families that want to organize themselves and make sure that everyone has access to the information they require, 4Privacy is particularly great.

Naturally, you want to make sure that sensitive information is secure and private if you are placing it in one location. 4Privacy is at the forefront of privacy and data protection. The 4Privacy app is end-to-end encrypted, and you (and you alone) are in control of your data’s encryption key.


It’s best to get started by adding the items that will provide you with the most benefit and are easiest to gather.

For instance, it may be helpful to have a digital copy of your drivers license, insurance card, and other ID cards. These items are likely in your purse, wallet, or stored at home. Simply take a photo or scan of these IDs and put them in the IDs and Cards folder.

Other items may already be stored on your computer or in the cloud. You can simply upload these items into the appropriate folders.

You’ll notice at the top of each folder are a list of suggested uploads. If you scroll through the suggestions, you may find things that you already knew you wanted to store, as well as some things that you hadn’t thought of.

Once you get rolling, it’s likely a good idea to share your folder(s) with people who may need access. When sharing with family members, we suggest sharing with them through the app. When sharing with people who don’t have the app, you can use the share by link feature.


Currently, 4Privacy uses the Microsoft Azure cloud, but we will provide other cloud and storage options in the future.

Before being transmitted and stored in the cloud, your data is encrypted. In fact, every piece of data in the app is end-to-end encrypted with AES-256 using big random keys that only you can access.

We value your privacy and security so highly that we designed the entire platform with these factors at the forefront. This means that no one else, including 4Privacy, cloud service providers, network service providers, or hackers, may access any of your data except from you and those you choose.



There are two major differences:

Privacy and Security
On 4Privacy, all data is end-to-end encrypted and your data is private (even from us). Since you hold the encryption keys, only you and those you choose can see and use your data.

Many well-known public cloud services use a much weaker level of protection than full end-to-end encryption. Also, your data is not private because they hold the encryption keys. This mean they could access your info and use it without your consent.

Tailored Guidance and Recommendations
4Privacy provides you with a tailored structure and recommendations to help organize and share life’s essential information. In addition to making sure you can quickly access any information you require, 4Privacy reminds you to take care of matters you might not have considered.

With other cloud storage providers, you are left with the burden of trying to remember everything and creating your own organization system.


4Privacy is not a password manager. However, it is a great place to store the master password to your password manager.

Also, some people use 4Privacy to store passwords and codes, including the PIN for their phone, password for their computer, code for their safe, written password lists, and other important secrets.


First, thank you for your support!

For now, you may enjoy using the app for free. In a few months, we will activate the Pro Plan Subscription, which you will get free for one year if you backed us at the $25 or higher level.

We’ll also continue to offer a free plan that has limited storage/functionality. The free plan allows your friends, family, advisors and others to view whatever you share with them without needing a paid subscription.


Is 4Privacy accessible on desktop computers? Absolutely! 4Privacy is also available through dedicated Mac and Windows desktop applications.

What advantage does the Desktop app offer?  The Desktop app allows you to efficiently add multiple files and folders all at once. The Desktop app also allows you to view your files and move them around and create your account recovery.

How do you login to the Desktop app? You’ll use your 4Privacy phone app to scan-in to the Desktop app.
Within the phone app, select “More” and then “Scan-in to Desktop”. This will open your camera and allow you to point the camera at the QR code on the desktop app.


Consolidate and secure your family’s important information.

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