InnerActiv, a cybersecurity firm based in Ohio (, has acquired 4Privacy with the aim of enhancing their product portfolio through the incorporation of 4Privacy’s technology. InnerActiv provides products and services to business customers to protect against data leakage, cyber crimes, and insider threats. Moving forward, InnerActiv will discontinue the use of the 4Privacy brand name. Integral members of the 4Privacy development team have joined InnerActiv, including 4Privacy’s CTO, Eric Parker, who is now the CTO of InnerActiv.

If you’re a 4Privacy app user, here’s what this means for you:

The App will no longer be available in App Stores starting January 1st, 2024. This doesn’t affect you if you’ve already downloaded the app.
The App will continue to function as-is until at least December 31st, 2024 with no degradation in security.
At some point in the future, innerActive plans on turning on a paid version of the app under a new name.
As always, you have the ability to export your data from the 4Privacy app, whether on the mobile or desktop version, at any time.
Since your phone (and 24-word recovery phrase) holds the only encryption key to your data, deleting the app destroys the information you’ve put into the app.

We are grateful for your support, feedback, and encouragement. The goal of our efforts has been to work to create a future where digital ownership and privacy is a reality for all people. Thank you for helping us work towards this goal.

One place for your life’s crucial info

4Privacy ensures your family has what they need, saves time & money, and enhances overall well-being.

Common Problems

1.5 billion households struggle to manage their essential information.


Common Problems

People’s info is dispersedclunky to access, and difficult to share.


Common Problems

When important info is unorganized, it can be a big headache or a huge problem.


One place

One safe place for everything that matters

4Privacy saves time and ensures you don’t get caught in a pinch searching for vital information when you need it. ID cards, social security numbers, passwords, property info, and other important documents and information are right at your fingertips.


Easy to organize

All your important info, thoughtfully organized

Our easy-to-follow structure gets everything organized to ensure you can quickly access what you need, when you need it. You can easily customize the structure to suit your needs.


Share with control

Share confidently with the right people

Safely share with family and others. You control permissions and can monitor activity. Whether you’re sharing info to be viewed in-app or via web browser, 4Privacy’s security travels with your data and you can revoke access any time, leaving no trace behind.


Privacy & security

Completely private and secure

4Privacy is built on a foundation of security and privacy. Your data is end-to-end encrypted and you hold the keys. This means your information is private, even from us. Proprietary password-free technology protects against hacks, leaks, and unauthorized access.


Our technology

A foundation of privacy and security

Our top priority is to provide you with a safe place to confidently store and share your most valuable information.


End-to-end encrypted

Prevents any unauthorized third party from accessing your data.


Completely private

Your info can’t be viewed, sold or given away. You hold your encryption keys.



Identity is verified without a password, significantly reducing phishing attacks.


Access control

You decide who can see your data. Revoke access anytime, leaving no trace behind.



Add watermarks to discourage screenshots (and more permissions coming soon!)


Decentralized (coming soon)

Ensuring you always have access to your data, now and in the future.


Customer feedback

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This is so easy to use. Having all our financial documents, medical records, estate plan, and insurance paperwork in one app is amazing.

Bill, SaaS CEO

I’m so happy to have a better and safer way to share documents that have my social security number and other private info.

Christina, Engineering Lead

This is much better for documents and sharing than my password manager.

Nate, Creative Director


Consolidate and secure your family’s important information.

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