Your Privacy

We put your privacy first

Your data is end-to-end encrypted
Your data is encrypted on your device before transmitting and being stored in the cloud. The cloud provider(s) can’t see your data.

No phone number or email required
Creating an account doesn’t require you to share your phone number or email address.

No passwords
Your account credentials are stored on your smartphone. 4Privacy is password-free.

You hold your keys
Your encryption keys are safely stored on your smartphone. You are prompted to back up your keys in case you lose or get a new phone.

What we can see
To improve your experience in the app, we monitor completely anonymous usage data. Again, we can’t see the contents of anything you put in 4Privacy, nor who you share with.

Here’s the anonymous usage data that we can see:

  • # of files put into the app
  • # of files put into each pre-made folder
  • Type of files put into the app
  • # of subfolders created
  • # of invitation links accepted
  • # of recoveries created

We utilize this usage data to improve the app. For example, if we observe that a specific pre-made folder is predominately used, we’ll focus on making that section even more valuable. Conversely, if we find that a particular pre-made folder is seldom used, we may consider replacing it with a different feature.  

Ultimately, we aim to respect your privacy while doing everything we can to make the app even better for you.