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This is so easy to use. Having all our financial documents, medical records, estate plan, and insurance paperwork in one app is amazing.

Bill (survey)

Glad to finally have something that ensures true privacy while being able to share import documents with friends and family.

Richard (Android review)

Finally a trustworthy digital tool to store your important information. Thank you for your hard work putting this great APP together for us!

Sekrah (iOS review)

I’ve had the concern of “how do I share this super private thing with my bride without just putting it in the cloud.” 4Privacy is a perfect solution for us for staying safe and secure. I’m SUPER impressed with the quality of the product so far.

Adam (survey)

This app is a perfect solution for the modern world. This app allows everyone to share private information to exactly who needs to see it. There is no third party on lookers that will be able to access your information. Use this app, stick it to the big corporations that we need to keep our information private.

Jacob (Android review)

I have been wanting some kind of app that could keep my information completely secure. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an easy and convenient way to store sensitive information digitally. Owning the digital encryption keys to ones data needs to be more mainstream than it is, and I hope this app can be a catalyst for something much bigger that can help revolutionize the way our data is used by big tech.

Russell (Android review)

Loving the app so far! An EXCELLENT app right out of the gate.

Dustin (survey)

I’ve been using the app and it’s got a good flow – I appreciate how easy it is to add documents and pictures.

John (survey)

In the UK the NHS lost ALL my medical notes from a major accident years ago. This APP would have been an AMAZING tool if it had existed.

Leigh (survey)

What I absolutely love about the 4Privacy app is that I own the encryption keys to my own data. My data and the files I store on this app are mine and mine alone.

AAAMoldMan (iOS review)

Convenient, encrypted way to store personal data that is simple to retrieve when needed. I’m really happy with what I can do now and will be recommending it to my friends and family.

bvlsfyco (iOS review)

Finally, an app to securely store personal data from a trusted source.

Simon (Android review)

What a great way to have important files with me at all times, and in a secure way.

Salem (Android review)

1 day in and already super impressed! Thank you for creating this, it’s great to know I have a secure place to store my documents.

KStej21 (iOS review)

I’m so happy to have a better and safer way to share documents that have my social security number and other private info.

Christina (survey)

I love 4Privacy’s zero knowledge encryption and ease of organization.

Birdman008 (iOS review)

Great app, I was an early Kickstarter backer of this app and am very happy with the product so far, glad to finally have something the ensures true privacy while being able to share import documents with friends and family.

Richard (Android review)

Good app for privacy. Separates my files from the standard set of “cloud” resources. Allows me to share that information with wife, kids, etc without worrying about who else can see or read that information. Definitely a consideration for anyone privacy minded.

Brian (Android review)

This is much better for documents and sharing than my password manager.

Nate (survey)

Great way to securely store sensitive files.

Daniel (Android review)

Fantastic way to hold on to your encryption keys and keep your data private!

Av8r Popps (iOS review)

Very smooth, easy to open and add personal information that I know is secure.

Proish (Android review)

Does what it says and I couldn’t crack it after trying. Overall solid app.

Dalton (Android review)

Great team focused on personal data. This app is greatly needed and will be used. Thx for creating and keep up the awesome work!

jpoulin27 (iOS review)

Easy to use. Very useful for sharing important private information. This is already extremely useful.

Joshua (Android review)

Excellent. Easy. Confident. Accessible.

Weaver (Android review)

Great privacy-conscious file and information storage and secure sharing.

Kevin (Android review)

Easy to use secure app. I love that this app is based on security and I have a place to store and share files from. The scanner works really well also so I can digitize my paperwork.

James (Android review)

If you care about your data privacy, this is the app to get.

Cameron (Android review)

This is a great tool for securely having your very valuable information at your finger tips. The app was designed with security as the highest priority. Only you can decrypt your data. Try it!

Jeffrey (Android review)


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