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How is In-app Sharing different than Share by Link?

In-App Sharing (recipient must have the 4Privacy app)

What is In-App Sharing?

In-App Sharing is the most secure and private way to share because you’re able to verify the identity of the recipient(s) before sharing and our technology helps mitigate the risk of unauthorized forwarding to others.

With in-app sharing, you can confidently share content that remains between you and your intended recipient(s).

Share by Link (recipient views file(s) in a web browser)

What is Share by Link?

Share by Link is a feature that enables you to safely share a file or folder with individuals who do not have the 4Privacy app. This feature empowers you to exercise strict control over your shared material and offers the convenience of revoking access in real time.

A consideration when using Share by Link:

It’s important to note that anyone who possesses the link can access your content. In other words, your recipient could forward your link to someone else. While you can manage permissions and monitor usage, it’s essential to be mindful of who you share the link with.