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How do I share with someone who already has the 4Privacy app?

To share content with individuals who are also using the 4Privacy app, you’ll need to provide them with your VaultCode. Here’s how you can do it:

Method 1: “Sharing” page

    • Navigate to the “Sharing” page located in the bottom navigation of the app.
    • Choose “Share with someone.”
    • A menu with sharing options from your phone will appear. You can select your preferred method of sharing your VaultCode, such as through text, email, and more.

Method 2: “More” page

      • Go to the “More” area within the bottom navigation of the app.
      • You will find your VaultCode displayed here. You may give this code to anyone you want to share with.


After the recipient has entered your VaultCode, you’ll have the chance to confirm their access and choose the specific folder(s) you wish to share.

How does the recipient get to my folders?

Once this selection process is finalized, the recipient can take the following steps to access the shared content:

  1. On their app, the recipient should select “All Vaults” from the top left corner or double tap “Vaults” on the bottom navigation.
  2. Your Vault, along with the folder(s) you’ve shared, will be displayed in this section, allowing the recipient to conveniently access the shared content.

By following these steps, the recipient can easily locate and access your Vault along with the folders you’ve shared, ensuring a smooth and secure sharing experience.