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Does 4Privacy use 2-factor authentication (2FA)?

4Privacy surpasses today’s highest security and privacy standards by utilizing a unique multi-factor authentication system. Access to your account requires:

  1. Your smartphone. Since your encryption keys are stored on your phone and 4Privacy is completely passwordless, a person must have your physical device (your phone). Instead of using usernames and passwords, which are vulnerable to sharing or phishing attacks, 4Privacy anchors your account information to your device. This security feature significantly decreases unauthorized access to your information.
  2. The PIN or biometric to gain access to your phone. This is handled by your smartphone’s operating system, not 4Privacy.
  3. Your 4Privacy PIN or biometric. When you set up your 4Privacy account, you create a PIN and select whether you would like to use that PIN or use the biometrics from your phone.