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Can I access my account on multiple mobile devices?

For your security, you may only access your account on one mobile device at a time. You may use that one mobile device to “Scan-in” to your desktop and/or tablet apps.

The mobile phone acts as your “identity” and has a large, random key (that is only kept on your phone) that acts as the what-you-have part of the 2 factor authentication, your PIN is the second what-you-know part and is not stored on the phone.  This large random key changes, preventing more than one device from being your “identity”.  Scanning into the desktop app gives the desktop app temporary use of your identity, but it is still the phone that is the source of the identity.

If you use your recovery on a new device, your PIN will no longer work on the device you used previously. This ensures that you are the only person with access to your information.

NOTE: iPad and tablet apps are now available! You’ll use your phone to “Scan-in” to the 4Privacy app on your tablet.