3 reasons to use 4Privacy with your partner

1. Get a comprehensive overview of your household information.

Many families divide household responsibilities, with each partner handling different aspects such as bank accounts or health insurance. This can lead to the accumulation of isolated pockets of information over days, months and years, causing inconveniences or even potential disasters.

4Privacy offers a solution by enabling both partners to contribute information to a centralized hub. This ensures that both partners are aware of where vital information is stored, how things operate, and what steps are necessary to maintain a harmonious functioning of all aspects of the household.


2. Increase transparency.

By utilizing 4Privacy, you and your partner or spouse gain a comprehensive, 360-degree perspective of your family’s information. As a result, your family will enjoy continuous awareness and transparency when it comes to household operations.


3. Gain confidence that if the worst happens – no one is left in the dark.

We all know life is short and our worlds can change on a dime. By ensuring you and your family always know where to find the critical information in your lives, you’ll feel great. For example, does your family know where all of your financial accounts are located? How about insurance policies? Or even names of important doctors. Get it all together in 4Privacy to ease any future burdens.