Set up your 4Privacy recovery

Understanding Account Recovery

The foundation of 4Privacy is data security and privacy. The application is end-to-end encrypted, and since only YOU possess the encryption key, no one else can access your data (unless you share it with them). The app automatically encrypts every file, image, and note you upload without you having to do a thing! 4Privacy provides you with an easy to use organization structure to get your life completely organized and secured.

Why do I need to create an account recovery? 

You’ll log in with a biometric or 4-digit pin each time you use the app (Face ID or thumbprint). You will need your account recovery if you misplace your phone, forget your PIN, delete the app, or otherwise become locked out of your account.

How do you backup your encryption key on the 4Privacy app?

You have two very easy alternatives for backing up your account, which is really backing up your encryption key. Your device generates a 24 word phrase that serves as your account backup. Your recovery is not accessible to 4Privacy. Within the app, you have the choice to print or write down your 24 word account recovery. Although printing your words is pretty convenient, the most secure choice is to write them down (this eliminates having to trust your printer).

Where should I store my account recovery (24 words)?

We advise you to keep your account recovery in a secure location (your lockbox, safe, etc). You are free to make several copies of your writing and keep them in various locations if you’d like. The majority of people find it most convenient to save their recovery along with other crucial paper originals like their passport, birth certificate, social security card, etc.

What happens if I lose my account recovery?

If you’re still able to access your 4Privacy account via your 4 digit pin or biometric, you may create a new recovery within the app. This recovery will overwrite your previous recovery. 

For your protection, you will have to create a new account if you lose these recovery codes and are unable to access your account using your 4-digit pin or biometric. One of the ways we keep your account extremely private at 4Privacy is by not holding your recovery (or encryption key).

Should I share my recovery with anyone?

Anyone with your Account Recovery will be able to access your account. Your account may only operate on one mobile device at a time, so if someone uses your recovery, you will no longer be able to get into your account unless you use the recovery (which will then make the account inaccessible to them). 4Privacy will never ask you for your recovery words.

If I get locked out of my account, how do I use my account recovery?

If you still have the app, select “Reset PIN” in the bottom left hand corner of the PIN entry page. Then, follow the steps to enter your 24 words.

If you no longer have the app, download the app from the Apple or Android App Store. Select “I already have an account” on the first screen.