Secure storage

In an overly connected world, we’ve lost control. Our important stuff is everywhere.

Connection and Organization: A Complex Relationship

Our world is more connected than ever and we have an astounding amount of information to manage and share. On a daily basis, we communicate and collaborate in a myriad of ways. In-person conversations, phone calls, text messages (one on one and group messages), email, encrypted messaging apps and many more. We also have important information that is dispersed among filing cabinets, photos on our phone, cloud storage and likely in a pile on your desk or kitchen counter.

It’s a challenge to stay organized, find information quickly and make sure your loved ones have immediate access to what matters most. Additionally, there may be some pieces of information you haven’t thought to have at your fingertips. 4Privacy gives you the recommendations you need to ensure you’re always prepared.

Secure Storage: Making the Digital World more Physical

Let’s take a step back and think about in-person communication. In the physical world, visualize your personal home. Only certain people are permitted in your home (family, guests, contractors, etc). The doors to your home have locks so only those you explicitly choose to allow in may enter. You may lend a contractor your key, but you take it back when you no longer need them to have access.

In the digital world, 4Privacy believes that you should be able to share important information with others while still controlling the key. Many people today share vital information over text or email. While these methods have a variety of security concerns, they’re also a problem because you can’t take your information back, or control how it’s used.

That’s why we built 4Privacy. We provide people with the organization, privacy, security for their most important information while enabling them to securely share it while maintaining control (or they key) to their information.

Our Solution: the private to organize your most important information and ensure the people in your life always have access to what they need.

Think of 4Privacy as your own concierge to get your life in order. 4Privacy provides secure storage for your most important information, as well as information you want at your fingertips. Sometimes we have to share that information with others. 4Privacy’s app is designed so you may securely share and control your information, even after you share it with others.

Where do we go from here?

Do you want to get organized?

Do you need secure storage for your or your family’s important information?

Do you want to share some of this information yet also ensure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need 4Privacy.

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