Peace of mind for your family

In case of an emergency, does your family have what they need?

While most of us know we should ensure our family has everything they need should the unthinkable happen, it’s a task that’s easy to put it off. Unfortunately, this can leave your family in a tough situation during an already difficult time. 

What’s not so fun to do now, will directly benefit your loved ones later. Start by tackling the essentials and trust us, you’ll feel great when you get started!

Life Insurance policies

You’ve put the forethought and spent the money to have this important resource in place, but what good is it if your loved ones don’t know it exists? Make sure to have your policy information accessible to those who may need it. 

Pension and Retirement Plans

While the names of these plans may be top of mind for you, it’s likely your family members won’t know the names of your pension and retirement plans, much less the policy information. Adding these plans, or the names of these plans to your 4Privacy account will help get your family taken care of.

A list of important contacts

Many accountants, attorneys, doctors, insurance agents and other contacts don’t find out about the injury or loss of a client until much after the fact. It’s important your family know who these professionals are so they can keep them informed or seek support.

A list of financial and bank accounts

Unless you have a list all the financial and banking institutions you do business with, your family may miss some of your accounts. Make sure to keep a list of where you have accounts and  any pertinent information (account numbers, contact names, username/passwords, branch location, etc).

Health and medical policies

You may have one or multiple healthcare policies. Keeping a master list of these will be key for your family members.

What’s the best way to get started? 

There are a few ways to get this information organized. We suggest starting with a document, or using a Note within the app, to make a list of these items. Then, add any supporting documentation to the appropriate folder. Make sure the right people have access to the folder so they stay up to date with your information.