Keep your family prepared for any emergency

Let’s face it, emergencies happen. And many of the most serious emergencies are the ones we don’t see coming! Here are a few ways to ensure your family is prepared for any emergency.

Write letters to family members

Make sure your family and others are aware of how much you matter to them and what they should know in the event of an emergency. Just in case, if you have children, make a list of the advice you would want to give them.

Write down important information for others

Whether it’s a family evacuation plan or instructions for the babysitter, create a document(s) that can be easily shared with the people who need it.

Double check that your emergency equipment is updated and ready

Ensure your smoke detectors have fresh batteries, create to-go bags for each of your family members, and stay on top of all your family’s emergency equipment.

Set reminders

Set automatic reminders ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.